National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial

Washington, DC

The National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial, soon to be constructed at the National Mall, has entered the final design phase. Located near the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, this new monument will commemorate the international unity of the U.S.-led coalition that freed the peaceful nation of Kuwait in 1991. The memorial’s landscape-oriented design is inspired by several characteristics of the war, including the unique environmental and battle conditions experienced by those who served. It incorporates commemorative themes that represent significant aspects of Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield and is designed to leave visitors with an appreciation of the achievements and historical significance of the war.

The project involves a series of complex coordination and approvals, including survey/utilities investigations and pathway design, in a highly visible area of the National Mall. In addition to civil engineering, VHB is providing land survey and permitting services while coordinating with numerous regulatory and approval agencies, in support of this noteworthy project.

Artist’s colored image of proposed memorial design with people and landscape elements.


  • National Desert Storm Memorial Association


  • Land Survey

  • Permitting: federal, state, local

  • Site/Civil Engineering