Intersect: Where Data and Results Converge

Revolutionizing Traffic Data Collection

Collecting traffic data is critical to understanding the impact of an infrastructure project on the surrounding environment. Intersect, VHB’s innovative platform, revolutionizes the way we identify volumes and view traffic movements on a transportation network, leveraging big data to provide accurate, trusted results whether a project is in a rural, suburban, or urban area.

Intersect combines probe data from multiple sources—like cellular, location-based sensors, or connected vehicles—to present a comprehensive view of the transportation network. Intersect optimizes this data to deliver traffic counts, turning movements, and origin destination information, while uniquely using existing count data as controls to further enhance accuracy and incorporate investments that agencies have already implemented in the field.

VHB works in partnership with our clients to implement Intersect. We follow an innovative, four-step process to deliver detailed 24/7 traffic volumes, travel times, roadway speeds, and congestion hot spots, avoiding the need to conduct these studies in the field and making it ideal for corridor analysis.

Intersect provides valuable benefits for clients, like 24/7 accessible data, year-round availability, cost and time savings, reliable and accurate data sets, customizable outputs, safety enhancements, and the ability to perform in typical and atypical traffic conditions.