Future-Focused, Smart Communities Begin Here

Smart communities are not just a service we provide. It’s how VHB approaches every project to provide positive impacts to our communities.

Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Broadband access and digital equity. Digital twins and model-based design. Advanced air mobility and connected autonomous vehicles. VHB is helping smart communities across the U.S. collaborate with residents, businesses, and government to integrate technology and innovation that enhances sustainability, resiliency, and equity.

Both urban and rural areas are evolving at record speed. They are increasingly informed by an influx of data to assist with decision-making. VHB smart community building is intentional about harnessing data along with new and existing technologies to plan for a better tomorrow.

Our smart community approach is people-centric and purposeful.

Communities both large and small partner with us to grow via smart, technology-enabled initiatives that prioritize collaboration and consensus-building to enhance people’s lives. This includes leveraging digital building twins for more efficient emergency response, incorporating street lighting that lowers energy cost and consumption, and improving transportation infrastructure to support connectivity of automated electric aircraft and motor vehicles.

The communities we partner with in implementing smart solutions will be sustainable and thrive as healthy, environmentally-friendly, and economically and socially vibrant destinations for generations to come.

Focus Areas


Broadband Access and Digital Equity

VHB is helping expand reliable broadband access and bridge the digital divide across diverse neighborhoods, especially for underserved populations who need access the most. We gather insight into broadband utilization, digital equity, satisfaction levels, and challenges of current broadband service options, then make recommendations that reach community members where they need it—from solar-powered picnic tables in parks to charge electronic devices or mobile dashboards that pinpoint nearby broadband access.


Electric Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure

Recent federal legislation designated a significant investment in public EV charging to create a convenient, equitable, and accessible network of chargers, helping Americans to reduce carbon emissions and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. Our experience with major infrastructure projects, combined with strong transportation, state and local agency relationships, and deep regulatory understanding, is helping communities adapt and respond with expediency and a technology-enabled approach that puts EV charging where it’s most beneficial.

Smart Community Workshop Framework



How Can VHB Help

A VHB Smart Community Workshop will jump start your community’s integration of technology and data to framework a plan and prioritize actions. We collaborate and lead your team through a smart community playbook of exploration, planning, and implementation. Attendees identify pillar focus areas and prepare a smart community plan that involves key stakeholders, prioritizes strategies and solutions, and explores funding opportunities. Connect with Curt via email or LinkedIn.

A photo Curt Ostrodka smiling and standing casually in a yard.

Curt Ostrodka, AICP, LEED AP

Director of Smart Communities

VHB understands how critical stakeholder engagement is when building a robust smart community plan. Coupled with their keen insight about data-driven technologies, we can move quickly to implement solutions that have an immediate impact on people’s lives, like incenting rapid transit and providing digital access to underserved populations through the mobile tablet and hotspot check-out program. Thanks to VHB’s guidance, the City of Orlando is already seen as a national leader in technology-driven smart community planning.

—Michael Hess, Director of Orlando Future-Ready