Introducing Our Next Generation of Employee Owners

August 21, 2020

Our future is bold, vibrant, inspired, and bright—congratulations to VHB’s new Principals and Associates

VHB is an employee-owned, Generational Company dedicated to expanding employee ownership to new Principals and Associates. Each year, we recognize a group of high-performing VHBers for their outstanding accomplishments, dedication to our core values, and leadership in growing our Generational Company. We’re proud to introduce you to our 2020 Principals, who are advancing on their ownership path, and Associates, who are celebrating an important career milestone becoming VHB owners.

Congratulations to these passionate professionals!


Lauren DeVoe - Boston, MA
Taruna Tayal - Raleigh, NC
Jim Long - Washington, DC
Meredith Avery - Watertown, MA
Courtney Riley - Hauppauge, NY
Jason Ross - Watertown, MA
Dale Abbott - Bedford, NH
Fabricio Ponce - Atlanta, GA
Larry Spraker - Albany, NY
Matt Chase - Worcester, MA
Beth Freeman - New York, NY
Dave Greenberg - Watertown, MA
David Quart - New York, NY


Laura DeSimone - Watertown, MA
Will Nichols - Boston, MA
Jen McGovern - Tysons, VA
Ryan Winter - Hauppauge, NY
Vik Desai - Williamsburg, VA
Michelle Zhe - Watertown, MA
Fin Bonset - Orlando, FL
Doug Mettler - Williamsburg, VA
Chris Champeau - Worcester, MA
Kyle Greaves - Boston, MA
Rick Rhodes - Providence, RI
Jennifer Ganley - New York, NY
Emily Seluga - Virginia Beach, VA
Matt Thompson - Atlanta, GA
Demond Hazley - Orlando, FL
Erika Walsh - Virginia Beach, VA
Bill Bowers - Tampa, FL
Ryan White - Washington, DC
Faith Driggers - Richmond, VA
Kathleen Keen - Watertown, MA
Joe Perri - Orlando, FL
Scott Brunner - Watertown, MA
Joyce Tsepas - Washington, DC
Mark Costa - Watertown, MA
Eric Gerade - Bedford, NH
Jocelyn Gambone - Watertown, MA
Andrew Nee - Hauppauge, NY
Lars Carlson - Watertown, MA
Todd Hall - Montpelier, VT
Shanta Keller - Watertown, MA
Liz Lawes - Raleigh, NC
Allison Ruddock - New York, NY
Sam Berg - Bedford, NH