Nassau County Stadium Shines During Cricket World Cup

Seamless experience for 31,000 fans achieved through successful collaboration.

June 17, 2024

Players playing cricket during World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup, held this June in part at Eisenhower Park in Nassau County, NY, was a resounding success, largely thanks to the newly constructed temporary stadium. Designed to host approximately 31,000 fans per match, the stadium became a symbol of effective regional collaboration and meticulous planning, making it a memorable experience for cricket fans worldwide.

VHB’s mobility team was instrumental in the preparation for this historic event, focusing on developing a comprehensive transportation strategy that included promoting public transportation use, implementing effective travel demand measures, and creating approximately 9,000 parking spaces to support the thousands of fans attending each match. Collaboration between various regional entities was key, as VHB worked closely with Nassau County Parks, the Department of Public Works, and the Police Department to finalize the traffic management plan. Close collaboration with Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) Bus provided a smooth transit experience with LIRR providing additional trains and NICE providing shuttle bus service to and from the stadium before and after the matches. VHB also provided permitting support for the temporary location, preparing and obtaining approval for all necessary environmental documents and permitting applications by October 2023.

Construction of the stadium was carried out with precise attention to detail. VHB’s land development team played a critical role, upholding Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and conducting regular inspections to confirm environmental compliance. This diligent effort preserved the park's natural integrity while accommodating the large-scale event.

On match days, the finely tuned traffic management plan facilitated smooth travel to and from the stadium. Meticulous parking management and coordinated shuttle bus services to and from the parking areas provided a convenient and efficient experience for attendees.

“The collaboration and determination from all parties involved have truly paid off,” said Amir Rizavi, VHB’s Director of Mobility. “Our goal was to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for every fan, and seeing the positive feedback and steady operations during the World Cup was incredibly rewarding. The success of this event opens doors to the sport of cricket in the USA and VHB’s role in this international arena positions us well for such future events.”

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Fans traveling through parking lot to cricket stadium T20 World Cup Logo