Kissimmee Trail Bridge and Approach Ramps

​City of Kissimmee​

Osceola County, FL

One of the many improvements implemented as the City of Kissimmee continues to grow, is the development of trail opportunity corridors such as the proposed Kissimmee Trail Loop Trail. Because this trail crosses John Young Parkway (JYP), a 6-lane divided highway, the City of Kissimmee decided to construct a bikeway and pedestrian bridge over a major arterial—to limit users’ exposure to dangerous, high-speed situations. The city turned to VHB for design and engineering assistance because we know how to deliver creative, user-friendly designs that improve mobility and enhance communities.

At over 1,100 feet in overall length, the structure provides a unique experience for pedestrians as they enter and exit the main crossing bridge on helical or “spiral” type approach ramps.  Under the original concept, the ramps were to extend east and west of the roadway following a linear alignment, but were eventually revised to the helical arrangement to accommodate right of way restrictions.  In order to span the 6 lanes of busy JYP, the main bridge was designed to be approximately 220 feet long with one major request from the City; no piers would be permitted within the median.  With a main span of this magnitude, coupled with limited right of way, it was determined that the bridge vertical clearance was quickly becoming a limiting design parameter.  Although a concrete structure is capable of spanning the required distance, the depth of the beams would require an overall increase in the profile of the bridge.  A steel box truss was chosen which not only provides the necessary clearances, but is capable of spanning well beyond the limits of the roadway below.​





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