StPete2050 Vision Plan

St. Petersburg, FL

When cities dream big, the whole community benefits. The City of St. Petersburg shares VHB’s passion for creating equitable, sustainable, and resilient cities. As part of development and implementation, we work with public and private partners to conduct community stakeholder meetings, analyze big data and demographics, and understand what new technologies will contribute to the delicate balance of place-keeping and growth. VHB led the StPete2050 Vision Plan, guided by the community’s unique, inclusive perspectives on what makes St. Petersburg a great place to live and work, both now and for the future.

VHB knows how information such as census data, public health records, traffic counts, and population growth can inform big questions and concerns from the community: How can I live longer? Spend more time with my children? Access education in my neighborhood? To help make data-informed decisions, VHB utilized Healthy Mobility Model methodology to assess the relationship between land use, urban design, transportation factors, and population health outcomes.

The StPete2050 Vision Plan captured the essence of St. Petersburg’s civic pride and future focus. The plan was also recognized in 2021 by the American Planning Association Florida Chapter (APA-FL) Award of Excellence in Comprehensive Planning – Large Jurisdiction.

People cross an artistically painted intersection in St. Petersburg. A child writes his thoughts for the future on a StPete2050 Vision whiteboard. A man takes an electronic survey about the StPete2050 Vision plan.


  • City of St. Petersburg


  • Community Planning

  • Comprehensive Plans

  • Master Planning Services

  • Public Outreach

  • Urban Design & Planning


  • American Planning Association Florida, 2021 Award of Excellence, Comprehensive Planning—Large Jurisdiction