Norwalk Redevelopment Agency RAISE Grant Program Support

Norwalk, CT

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency (Agency) proactively works to preserve and improve existing neighborhoods within Norwalk’s urban core by planning for community- and transit-oriented development and investing in multimodal transportation infrastructure. In recent years, the Agency has sought federal funding through the USDOT Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant program along with other grant funding opportunities to conduct further planning and design related to infrastructure improvements centered around the South Norwalk Metro-North Train Station. VHB has supported the Agency in the preparation of grant applications including developing concept design plans, conducting Benefit-Cost Analysis, and providing technical support on federal (NEPA) environmental review requirements. As a result, the Agency has been awarded $6 million through the Connecticut Communities Challenge Grant Program.

VHB is currently working with the Agency to complete a Station Area Plan for a multi-block neighborhood surrounding the South Norwalk Train Station. The community-driven plan outlines short- and long-term strategies aimed at encouraging neighborhood investment and economic growth. Future investments in the area’s public transportation infrastructure will address traffic safety, improve multimodal accessibility, promote sustainability, and address equity through infrastructure serving mixed-use, mixed-income development.

Metro-North train arriving at South Norwalk Train Station. South Norwalk Train Station waiting area and commercial space.


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