Municipal Digital Equity Planning


The Massachusetts Broadband Institute’s (MBI) Municipal Digital Equity Planning Program was established to help municipalities and local governments address the digital divide and promote digital equity. Planning activities will result in strategic documents designed to identify a community's needs, interests, and key assets aimed at increasing access to and usage of the internet for the most vulnerable populations. The program also provides a framework to guide future municipal decision-making and target potential funding sources.

As a consultant to MBI, VHB assists participating Commonwealth municipalities in implementing sustainable, effective, and equitable planning solutions. Our team of community planners and technology specialists follows our people-centric, purposeful Smart Community framework for providing solutions within a complex realm of interrelated issues, engaging with communities to diagnose existing conditions, identify solutions, and provide a roadmap for implementation.

VHB staff engage with members of the Randolph, MA community at an outdoor event.


  • Massachusetts Technology Collaborative


  • Charrette Facilitation

  • Community Planning

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Public Outreach