Lowell Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex Urban Revitalization and Development District (JAM) Plan

Lowell, MA

History, art, small-town charm, an urban feel—all these traits converge in historic Lowell. But the City was languishing from years of disinvestment. When the City of Lowell realized it was time to modernize and attract visitors and residents, they turned to VHB to create an urban renewal district that would eventually generate significant investments from public and private improvements.      

We know how to navigate challenges related to developing historical areas. Our strong relationships with local agencies allowed us to drive the project forward. VHB partnered with the City to give new life to an aging urban village by reimagining underused portions of land and providing enhanced access to the area. Our skills in delivering transportation, structural, utility, and permitting support mean we can manage large projects that necessitate a myriad of city-focused services like cultural resources assessment, construction, surveys, and landscape architecture design. Implementation of the Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex Urban Revitalization and Development District (JAM) Plan has resulted in a number of game-changing projects for the City, including new parking garages, housing units, and retail attracted to the historic urban core.

Pathway in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts Streetscape in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts


  • City of Lowell


  • Bridge Inspection & Rating

  • Cultural Resources Assessment

  • Highway/Roadway Design & Engineering

  • Historic Evaluation

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Permitting

  • Stormwater Design & Engineering

  • Streetscape Design

  • Structures Design & Engineering

  • Traffic Signal Design & Engineering

  • Transit Oriented Development

  • Urban Design & Planning