Orange County Mobility Hub & EV Feasibility Study

Orlando, FL

VHB is partnering with Orange County to prepare for widespread electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure implementation at the local level with a master plan that elevates equity and collaboration among public and private stakeholders. The Orange County Mobility Hub and EV Feasibility Study is an initiative of the Orange County Sustainable Operations & Resilience Action Plan and the Regional E-Mobility Roadmap intended to build a regional network of EV charging stations along major travel corridors throughout Florida and offer greener options for travelers and commuters.

An integrated team of VHB technology, transportation, and planning professionals are supporting this study with site and conceptual planning for parking and power supply equipment for the required influx of EV charging stations needed to meet expected demand. While evaluating high priority sites for EV infrastructure, VHB used geospatial and statistical analyses, as well as stakeholder engagement, to help identify future mobility, or transit, hub locations to improve access to public transportation and improve rider mobility options.


  • Orange County


  • Comprehensive Plans

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Feasibility Study/Due Diligence

  • Site Planning

Charging station for electric cars in the background of a gas station.