Markley Group Non-Major Comprehensive Plan

Boston, MA

The Markley Group owns and operates state-of-the-art data centers providing critical infrastructure to global telecommunications, commerce, public safety, higher education, hospitals and research facilities. The Markley Group’s flagship facility, located in Boston, Massachusetts, has required long-term site planning for the facility’s air quality and noise emissions associated with the rooftop mechanical and emergency operations equipment.

VHB worked closely with The Markley Group and MassDEP to obtain a Non-Major Comprehensive Plan Approval (nmCPA) for the facility. The nmCPA required a detailed air dispersion model and noise model representing the full-load emergency operations of the facility and the regular operations and maintenance of the facility. VHB analyzed the air quality impacts the facility would have on all NAAQS pollutants using AERMOD and the noise impacts the facility would have as compared to the City of Boston Noise Ordinance and the MassDEP Noise Criteria using Cadna-A.

A man monitoring noise at Markley Summer Street, Boston.


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