Supporting the FHWA Office of Safety


The FHWA Office of Safety is on a mission to make travelling U.S. roads safer—and so is VHB. Our team has worked for years to apply our real-world experience to future-thinking research that helps the Office of Safety come up with strategies, guidelines, and training for DOTs to make roads safer for everyone. ​​​​We have provided technical and programmatic support on task orders covering a range of topics including road safety audits, safety evaluations, traditional and alternative intersection designs, and pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Collage of bikers in urban, suburban, and bike trail environments. Collage of speed limit signs indicate the maximum safe speed on roads. Pedestrians and bystanders share a crowded sidewalk.


  • Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety


  • Highway/Roadway Design & Engineering​​

  • ​Road Safety Audit​