Driving Change Through Equitable Development

VHB partners with developers and communities to deliver resources for vulnerable groups

April 16, 2021

Communities are built for connection. More than just a place to live, work, or play, communities offer connection to people and resources. The equitable distribution of these connections plays a key role in helping to drive change and foster growth. VHB partners with clients to drive change for local communities, delivering meaningful projects that advance social responsibility.

At The Corden, affordable housing options are given priority to families fleeing domestic violence, creating a safe space for them to rebuild and grow. VHB partnered with the developer client to understand the ins and outs of their site in the Bronx and navigate the regulatory processes for reviewing agencies.

In New Jersey, VHB worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide supportive housing for homeless Veterans in the newly completed Valley Brook Village Phase II apartments. Beyond just offering site/civil services, VHB worked to design a site that gives back to its residents through access to medical resources, skills-building classes, and other amenity programs.

Additionally, VHB provides technology resources to offer clear, data-informed solutions for clients. For New York State Library, VHB continues to help the institution strengthen their communities by providing educational and informational resources for all. Our teams apply GIS mapping technology to help uncover underserved populations, working towards the Library’s goal of serving 75,000 new residents throughout New York State.

Communities are also where recreational activities should be safe and fun for people of all ages. VHB developed the Rhode Island Statewide Bicycle Mobility Plan to expand the State’s existing network of bicycle trails so that residents from each city it serves have equitable access, connecting traditionally underserved communities.

Explore additional VHB projects that deliver equitable change: Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan, Orlando Neighborhood Center Tablet & Hot Spot Lending Library, Equitable Virtual Meetings.

Learn more about how VHB is advancing social responsibility for communities.

Rendering of a mixed-media building viewed from the street corner. Apartment building with sidewalks and landscaping. Children sitting at computers in a library.