VHB and Employees Donate $30k to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Employees across our footprint come together to give back.

April 22, 2022

Blue and yellow Ukrainian flag with the words Peace for Ukraine

Since March we have all watched in disbelief at the devastating war and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. As a company founded on the principles of stewardship and giving back to our communities, many VHB employees began thinking about how to support the people of Ukraine.

When President and CEO Mike Carragher announced that VHB would match all donations to the USA for UNHCR, employees across our footprint came together and showed their support. In just a few short weeks, VHB raised $30k to support humanitarian and refugee relief in Ukraine.

“I am once again humbled by VHBers’ generosity,” said Mike. “It’s something that truly sets VHB apart—our people genuinely care and want to make a difference. I am so inspired by their extraordinary desire to give back and I am grateful that VHB is able to match their contributions.”

VHB employees are committed to giving back and supporting those in need. Since VHB’s founding over 40 years ago, the company and its employees have raised more than $4 million for local charitable organizations.