Voke Lofts

Worcester, MA

The Worcester Boy’s Trade School originally opened in 1909; now, this historic building is a 116,306-square-foot residential building. Located in downtown Worcester, Voke Lofts transformed the former school into a vibrant residential community featuring 84 rental apartments, more than half of which are dedicated affordable units. The gymnasium that once connected the two wings of the school was removed, creating a central courtyard entrance with walkways, parking, and a grass lawn.

The project re-established the connection from Main Street to Gateway Park—a growing center of research, innovation, and commerce owned by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). VHB’s efforts providing civil engineering, permitting, survey, and environmental services helped WinnDevelopment successfully complete this historic adaptive reuse project.

Sun shines on the central courtyard entrance at Volk Lofts in Worcester, Massachusetts. Close-up view of the Voke Lofts sign over the main entrance door in Worcester, Massachusetts. A man walks on the sidewalk past the courtyard entrance at Volk Lofts in Worcester, Massachusetts.


  • WinnDevelopment


  • Civil Engineering

  • Environmental Services

  • Land Survey

  • Permitting