Kissimmee Trail Bridge and Approach Ramps

Osceola County, FL

VHB’s experience spans the public/private spectrum so we can help clients navigate both large and small projects that involve many stakeholders and funding sources. In this case, the City of Kissimmee partnered with VHB to rethink a trail opportunity corridor in a community experiencing rapid growth in Central Florida. Because this trail crosses John Young Parkway, a six-lane divided highway with more than 40,000 vehicles travelled daily, our solution involved construction of a bikeway and pedestrian Kissimmee Loop Trail bridge over the major arterial to limit users’ exposure to dangerous, high-speed situations. The city requested no piers within the median, so we engineered a steel box truss to provide the necessary clearances with capability of spanning well beyond the limits of the roadway below. The 1,000-feet bridge is a standout in design as well as structure: pedestrians enter and exit the main crossing bridge on helical or “spiral” approach ramps, planned to accommodate right-of-way restrictions.

The finished bridge completes one of the key Trail Opportunity corridors outlined in the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. Travelling over the highway now safely connects people to both urban and rural environments, including residential areas, canals, a thriving downtown Kissimmee, and the picturesque Shingle Creek natural area.

The 1,000-feet Kissimmee Trail Bridge stands out for design and structure. Pedestrians on the Kissimmee Trail Bridge cross on helical approach ramps. The Kissimmee Trail Bridge accommodates right-of-way restrictions.


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