SR 324/Gravel Springs Road at SR 124/Braselton Highway

Gwinnett County, GA

VHB designed improvements to SR 324/Gravel Springs Road at SR 124/Braselton Highway, widening the two-lane section of SR 324 to a five-lane section. This project connects to a section of SR 324 that was previously widened from SR 20 to SR 124 and extends the multi-lane widening of the corridor in a rapidly developing area. Hog Mountain Church Road was realigned to intersect with SR 324 and SR 124 to improve traffic operations at both intersections. Complete traffic signal and pedestrian upgrades were included to improve pedestrian access to businesses near the intersection and to provide important connection to neighborhoods and Fort Daniel Elementary School for Gwinnett County residents and visitors.

An aerial photograph depicts a multi-lane roadway interchange with vehicles traveling on it and trees and buildings located beside the roadway.


  • Gwinnett County Department of Transportation


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