Route 79/I-195 Interchange Improvements

Fall River and Somerset, MA

Working to improve access and safety for roadway users at the Route 79 and I-195 interchange, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) partnered with VHB as the lead designer responsible for interim and final traffic-related elements—including signage, pavement markings, and state-of-the-art end-state traffic signals. The design-build project is located within the downtown city center, adjacent to major tourist and historic destinations, and involved several major interstate and local highways. Thinking innovatively, the VHB Team guided MassDOT through the construction of this complex design-build project in several phases, so that the road maintained a high level of functionality throughout the improvement process. It was also critical to both the City of Fall River and the regional transportation system that traffic congestion be minimized throughout construction. VHB accomplished this through development of detailed traffic control and management measures for the duration of the project, employing industry-leading technology to facilitate real-time adjustments.

The Route 79 and I-195 interchange in Fall River, Massachusetts. Construction on The Route 79 and I-195 interchange in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Route 79 and I-195 interchange in Fall River, MA under construction.


  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)


  • Alternative Delivery

  • Bridge Design

  • Design-Build

  • Drainage​ Design

  • Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Highway/Roadway Design & Engineering

  • Interchange Design & Engineering

  • Intersection Design & Engineering

  • Traffic Management & Operations

  • Stormwater Design & Engineering

  • Utilities Design


  • ACEC of Massachusetts Grand Conceptor Award, 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards

  • 2017 APWA National Public Works Project of the Year for Transportation

  • ENR’s 2017 Best Projects

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