Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safe System Approach Primer


The FHWA partnered with VHB to produce the Primer of Safe System Approach for Pedestrians and Bicyclists. With a focus on reducing fatalities and serious injuries for pedestrians and bicyclists, the primer defines the five elements of the Safe System Approach, strategies for implementation, and a Safe System Benchmarking Tool to help agencies evaluate ways to incorporate this approach into future projects.

As part of the primer development, VHB hosted a peer exchange that included Departments of Transportation across the country to discuss how to implement the Safe System Approach, hear diverse perspectives from the represented agencies, discuss concerns, and share mechanisms for how the Safe System lessons learned could be useful for other agencies performing similar work.

VHB’s Safety Team has also been working with agencies, including MassDOT, VDOT, FDOT, and GDOT, to put the Safe System principles into practice through the development of State Strategic Highway Safety Plans.


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