CTDOT Transportation Enterprise Database


In support of Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) commitment to providing transparent, accessible data and applications for its stakeholders, VHB was enlisted to develop an enterprise data warehouse that serves as a central repository for CTDOT data. The Transportation Enterprise Database (TED) is a unified database that holds both non-spatial data and geospatial data from a wide range of sources. It features an enterprise transportation Geographic Information System (GIS) that integrates geospatial data with a common commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) suite of tools and applications. Data is shared through a portal that supports daily CTDOT operations and serves as a single destination for CTDOT and its partners to consume, visualize, analyze, and publish their data and reports. This integrated, customizable, and sustainable technology ecosystem consists of easy-to-use applications and a centralized GIS platform based on Esri COTS technologies, fed by enterprise-level databases and high-performance computing.

As a follow-on to this work, VHB worked with CTDOT to build and deploy Atlas 2.0—a replacement for CTDOT’s Asset Tracking & Location System. Atlas leverages TED’s spatial data foundation including base maps, linear referring system (LRS) and other authoritative GIS data layers to geospatially identify project and proposed project work areas for CTDOT’s capital projects. In addition to identifying proposed project locations, the system generates unique project numbers for linking to contract documents and integrates with CTDOT’s SharePoint solution, COMPASS.

Screen shot of the CTDOT Transportation Enterprise Database’s data portal.


  • Connecticut Department of Transportation


  • Database Design & Management

  • GIS/Geospatial Services