New York State Broadband Availability Map

Albany, NY

In New York State, and across the county, access to reliable high-speed broadband service is essential for all citizens. To help the public better understand where and which services are available, the State wanted to develop a website that would allow any user to easily see broadband availability within the state.

VHB created a publicly available, spatially enabled website that allows users to search for available broadband service at specific locations throughout New York State. The website leverages Esri ArcGIS technology to provide all geospatial functionality and is based upon a series of GIS data sets representing areas of broadband provider service availability. The interactive map display provides a callout showing the address location, while the results panel displays a list of the providers and services available including the type of service (e.g., Fiber, ASDL, Cable, etc.) and download/upload speeds. Each provider listed has a link available to access the provider website for further details and cost information.

Screenshot of a NYSDEP broadband map.


  • New York State Department of Public Services


  • Application Development

  • GIS/Geospatial Services

  • Website Design