Orlando Future-Ready City Master Plan

Orlando, FL

Intelligent solutions can have significant impacts on a city’s future. As they evolve and grow, communities can leverage data to achieve ambitious goals, implement technology tools and applications to execute projects efficiently, and deploy leading edge work processes to keep residents informed as officials focus on the future. For the City of Orlando, the Future-Ready City Master Plan goes beyond this horizon to help enact future-ready, sustainable solutions that are co-created by the community and address energy, economy, and resiliency.

A major component of the Orlando Future-Ready City Master Plan is smart community planning. Shoring up Orlando’s built environment with resiliency measures gives its communities agility for disaster preparedness while addressing energy efficiency in tandem, enabling sustainable solutions that evolve as technology and innovations emerge.

Smart technologies the City is considering include:

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots and a device checkout program
  • Resilience hubs for back-up energy, supporting connectivity to vulnerable populations
  • Integrated transportation application
  • Smart parking advancement
  • A complete digital twin of the City for performance modeling, public infrastructure simulations, stress testing, and land use simulation
  • Food recovery networks

Initiatives like Orlando Future-Ready reflect VHB’s commitment to help our clients be prepared for the future and support healthy, strong, and smart communities in meaningful ways. By remaining open to new ideas and fostering relationships between city officials, stakeholders, and their constituents while leveraging technology, cities like Orlando can become more equitable, more sustainable, and support density that offers better places to live, work, and play.

FutureCities graphic showing the downtown skyline with the yellow dotted connection points


  • City of Orlando


  • Community Planning

  • Community Sustainability Planning

  • Comprehensive Plans

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Downtown Revitalization Planning

  • Master Planning Services

  • Public Outreach

  • Technology Services

  • Urban Design & Planning

To keep the community informed and gather input while social distancing, VHB worked with the City to develop a Virtual Stakeholder Meeting Room for the final Plan review. This online virtual platform gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed goals and strategies.

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