Vision Zero Orlando Task Force & Interactive Dashboard

Orlando, FL

Future-ready solutions begin with people and problems, not technology. Cities are focused on safety, especially when it comes to traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. For the City of Orlando, VHB worked closely with the community to understand why accidents happen and what projects and programs should be adopted in a Vision Zero Action Plan to achieve safety, with the goal to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries.

The Vision Zero Orlando Action Plan follows a multidisciplinary and data-informed approach to sustainably improve the safety of the City’s transportation system. The collaboration of a Task Force comprised of a diverse group of leaders in transportation, public health, law enforcement, public policy, and various elected officials and community members required a forward-looking mentality to implement better solutions as the City’s needs evolve. VHB led these stakeholder meetings and workshops as part of a public involvement campaign to educate the community and build awareness about how to prevent fatalities and serious injuries. These workshops also give the public an opportunity to reciprocate their feedback on the factors that contribute to high injury locations in Orlando’s neighborhoods. 

The Vision Zero dashboard is a one-stop-shop for those looking for more information about the City’s fatal crash information. The public-facing, interactive dashboard displays citywide data, useful statistics, navigable district maps, links to share tips and feedback, and tools that provide relevant information all on one screen. By design, the data displayed on this dashboard informs not only the Vision Zero Task Force, but the public at large with digestible information that will help keep Orlando’s communities safer.

Man in a street crosswalk with yellow signs and an oncoming bus in the other lane. Vision Zero Orlando Task Force meeting with a multidisciplinary team of experts seated around a conference table


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