Vermont Agency Highway Safety Plan

Statewide, VT

In 2012, Vermont leaders launched an initiative to formalize a statewide integrated highway and local roads safety program. This initiative led to the formation of the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance (VHSA), who partnered with VHB on the development of a consolidated Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). Following the SHSP’s goal to best use and share resources and accelerate the advancement of highway safety in Vermont, the VHB Team took a data-driven approach—identifying and prioritizing Critical Emphasis Areas (CEAs) and evaluating crash data and fatal crash trends within these areas. VHB also worked with VHSA and focus groups to assist in developing strategies and action plans for each emphasis area that forms the framework of the SHSP, and to build upon Vermont’s positive trend of reducing major crashes and fatalities statewide.

A bicyclist on a rural Vermont road near a red barn.


  • Vermont Agency of Transportation


  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Public Outreach

  • Traffic Safety Analysis