FHWA Pedestrian and Bicyclists Safety Guide for Transit Agencies

Washington, DC

Having been a long-time partner of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety, VHB has worked to write safety guidelines for transit agencies all across the country. Using our team’s collective transit engineering and planning knowledge, we developed a guidebook for the safety of pedestrians accessing transit facilities. More recently, we have begun to work with transit agencies throughout the country to update this guide to account for both pedestrian and bicycle safety. To compile the guidance, VHB researched the safety effectiveness of design and operational improvements, conducted road safety audits, developed program assistance guidance, and provided on-site technical support. The guide will be used by agencies and community groups to address safety issues that are likely to arise near transit facilities.

A woman crosses the street in the crosswalk A man gets on a bus while a car is stopped behind it


  • Federal Highway Administration