Advanced Air Mobility Transportation Plan

Orlando, FL

The City of Orlando aims to become a national leader in embracing and advancing air mobility and was one of five entities selected by NASA to participate in an exclusive partnership to provide insight and engage with research about integrating vertiports in its region. The city is partnering with VHB to create an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Transportation Plan that will explore new mobility options, including emerging electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) technologies, and evaluate anticipated transportation, economic, environmental and community impacts associated with AAM through a regional connectivity plan.

VHB and the city kicked off the process by convening with local, regional, and national stakeholders and eVTOL manufacturers to discuss regional transportation and environmental challenges and opportunities, and to determine future routing, facility locations, and infrastructure development, as well as the potential use of non-aeronautical land locations. The project team is evaluating existing land development codes and ordinances to recommend a vertiport site plan application review and approval process, consistent with applicable state and federal aviation planning requirements. The input gathered through the planning process will inform equitable, safe, and early advancement of air taxi vertiports in Orlando.

The AAM Transportation Plan aligns with the Orlando Future-Ready City Master Plan and promotes regional connectivity and the growth of Orlando’s future transportation network.

Digital representation of an aerial drone taxi.


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