Intersect—Where Data and Results Converge


Collecting traffic data is a critical piece of advancing transportation projects. Intersect, VHB’s latest technology-driven innovation, revolutionizes the way we account for traffic volumes at urban, suburban, or rural intersections during typical and atypical circumstances. Intersect leverages big data and traffic analysis to keep critical projects moving forward. Intersect is a transportation planning tool that combines big data analytics and traditional traffic analysis to identify traffic data at intersections more efficiently than ever before, without the need for traditional manual or electronic counts. Intersect follows an innovative four-step process that begins with probe data collected from cell phones and connected vehicle technology to develop intersection traffic volumes—a vital necessity for any transportation planning effort. VHB is currently working in partnership with multiple Departments of Transportation to implement Intersect and leverage the efficiency and accuracy of collecting traffic counts using probe data. Intersect has and will continue to revolutionize the way we account for traffic volume at urban or rural intersections, even after COVID-19 and regardless of cars on the street.

To learn more about Intersect and how VHB can help keep your critical transportation projects moving, please contact Amir Rizavi, PE, ENV SP, Intersect Program Director and read our full white paper to dive deeper into the technical specifications and calculations of Intersect.

A graphical depiction of Intersect’s 4-step process: leverage, identify, balance, validate. A four-way intersection on an urban street with red lines showing expected turn movements. A downtown city street nearly empty of cars.


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A four-way intersection on an urban street with red lines showing expected turn movements.

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