Pattern District

Newton, MA

Pattern District is a vibrant new neighborhood that will reposition the historic Saco–Pettee Machine Shops that occupied the site until the turn of the 20th century. Centered around sustainability, wellness, and connectivity, this development includes 12 new mixed-use buildings comprised of 800 housing units, office space, a new Main Street lined with village style shops and restaurants, and a mobility hub with flexible shuttle service to multiple MBTA Stations and other destinations within the City of Newton. The developer’s commitment to green initiatives is reflected in the creation of several acres of publicly accessible parks and bike paths, Passive House building design, solar power, and electric vehicle charging stations. Additional measures include harvesting rainwater for irrigation, undergrounding utility wires, and daylighting a unique subsurface waterfall within a stream culvert that once powered the mill complex.

Early on in the development process, VHB focused on alternative transportation opportunities and constraints. We assisted the team during master planning, zoning review, and state and local permitting, and then set to work to design the new roadway and utility infrastructure that will support the phased build out of the development over several years. Once complete, the Pattern District will serve as an innovative national model for new smart growth, transit-oriented, mixed-use communities.

Active pedestrian streetscape surrounding a mixed-used building in the Pattern District. Landscaped pedestrian walkways and gathering spaces frame a mixed-use building in the Pattern District. Rendered site plan of the Pattern District.


  • Northland Investment Corporation


  • Highway/Roadway Design & Engineering

  • Master Planning

  • Permitting; Federal, State, Local

  • Site/Civil Engineering

  • Transportation Planning & Engineering

  • Utilities Design

  • Zoning Analysis