Federal Transportation Agencies

We don’t just protect our natural and cultural resources—we also protect our transportation network. Whether it’s people or freight, federal transportation agencies have a huge responsibility to make sure things keep moving. Since 2003, VHB has provided Technical Support to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety. This on-call support has included technical and programmatic support, industry/public outreach and feedback, and education and training support. VHB also has partnered with the FHWA Office of Operations; FHWA Office of Planning, Environment, and Reality; FHWA Office of Policy; and FHWA Research, Development, and Technology, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). VHB applies our real-world experience with forward-thinking research to help shape the strategies and policies that keep things rolling along smoothly and safely.


  • Bikeway & Pedestrian Planning & Design

  • Corridor Studies

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Pedestrian Safety Studies

  • Road Safety Audit

  • Site/Civil Engineering

  • Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Traffic Management & Operations

  • Traffic Safety Analysis

  • Traffic Simulation Modeling

  • Transportation Planning & Engineering

  • Transportation Research