Festival Drive & Multi-Use Trail

Altamonte Springs, FL

The city of Altamonte Springs, located in the suburbs of Orlando, has a forward-thinking vision which includes the use of innovative autonomous vehicle pathways to connect its residents and visitors to employment and recreational opportunities. To further enhance its infrastructure, the city commissioned VHB to provide professional planning, engineering, and landscape architectural services to support the development of construction plans for improvements to Festival Drive, stretching from SR 436 to Central Parkway, and including its multi-use trail.

Keeping in mind the client’s goal to provide continuous pedestrian and bicycle access for the corridor, VHB developed typical sections with complete street features designed and managed for the safety and mobility of all users, including drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport. This helps minimize vehicle-related accidents and pedestrian risks, as well as encourage physical activity by providing safer environments for walking and cycling.

At Festival Drive, this is reflected via wide sidewalks, frequent pedestrian crossing opportunities, accessible pedestrian signals, and traffic calming features, such as narrow travel lanes, landscape, and streetscape amenities.

People walking down stone steps with columns. A canopied bridge over water. A person walking his bike on a sidewalk.


  • City of Altamonte Springs


  • Landscape Architectural Design

  • Land Use Planning, Engineering & Analysis

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