Hardee Fresh Vegetable Production Facility

Sumter County, GA

The new Americus Fresh vegetable production facility, a subsidiary of Hardee Fresh Florida, is revolutionizing the way vegetables are grown. This state-of-the-art indoor farm spans 338,000 square feet and utilizes vertical farming techniques to produce organic vegetables without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. VHB played a crucial role in the development of this project, working closely with the client and the Sumter County's Development Authority to make certain that Americus Fresh's opening day schedule was met.

Located near Jimmy Carter Regional Airport in Sumter County, this significant investment is helping Hardee Fresh expand operations and optimize growing conditions, leading to higher yields and superior quality vegetables. In addition to its innovative farming methods, Hardee Fresh's approach also focuses on sustainability. By minimizing water usage and reducing the need for transportation, this facility offers an environmentally friendly solution to vegetable production. Its water usage is estimated to be one percent of traditional outdoor farming techniques.

Through our coordination with the County, the City of Americus, and various state and local agencies on the master development strategy and approvals process, construction began on time. VHB also developed the critical infrastructure to support the site’s development and future expansion, while securing Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) permits to confirm that the facility would not interfere with air travel at the adjacent airport. Hardee Fresh’s investment into the Americus Fresh farm facility will allow them to reach customers throughout the Southeast while bringing significant community benefits, including the creation of more than 100 full-time, permanent jobs in southern Georgia.

Bird’s eye architectural rendering of a large vegetable production facility with adjacent parking.


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