DeKalb County Transit Master Plan

DeKalb County, GA

VHB led the development of the DeKalb Transit Master Plan, which identified transit service enhancements for today and expansion opportunities for tomorrow to create a 30-year cost-feasible vision for transit investments that elevate equitable communities and access to transportation. The Plan was developed with the objectives of addressing DeKalb County’s mobility challenges, helping to enhance future development opportunities, and improving the quality of life within each of DeKalb’s cities and unincorporated communities, both north and south. VHB coordinated this effort with DeKalb County, the Atlanta Regional Commission, The ATL, MARTA, each of the 12 cities in DeKalb, and the citizens and community stakeholders.

A diverse group of people sit and stand around a table looking at two maps of transit routes. An image of a Transit Mode Puzzle Game helps stakeholders understand light rail transit A woman stands next to two color renderings on easels of maps showing transit routes.


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