VHB is a national leader in airport sustainability planning and implementation working directly with commercial airports large and small throughout the U.S., from San Francisco International to Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine. We help develop strategies that reduce environmental impacts, enhance community relations, and are practical and cost-effective for airport operators and tenants. VHB works alongside the FAA and was a member of the Sustainable Master Plan Pilot Program responsible for developing sustainability and resiliency guidance to help strengthen resiliency to the impacts of climate change. 

VHB Airport Sustainability Plans:

S​​mall Airports

​Large Airports

​​Ithaca-Thompkins ​


​Dayton International

Portland Jet Port ​

Northeast Florida

University Park ​

Salt Lake City​​​

​Boston Logan Airport​​

S​an Francisco International Airport​

For more information, connect with Carol Lurie, VHB's Regional Aviation Director, at clurie@vhb.com​.



Colorado GA Airport Sustainability

Virginia Department of Aviation Sustainability Management Plan ​

Florida DOT Airport Sustainability Guidebook 

Click here​ to see appendix 2 of FDOT guidebook, which provides links to all ACRP and other sustainability-related resources.




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