Sustainable EV Fleet Infrastructure Plan

Durham, NC

Duke University and Duke University Hospital function collectively like a city, with a complex mobility system and supporting infrastructure. The University’s commitment to sustainability and addressing the climate crisis includes a Sustainable Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Infrastructure Plan to reduce campus vehicle emissions and expand e-mobility. In developing the Plan, VHB assessed the University’s entire fleet and created a recommended timeline and related policies for transition of the fleet to EVs. Following completion of the fleet plan, VHB identified required EV supply equipment (EVSE) to service the fleet as well as private vehicles, including students, employees, and campus visitors. This included the total number of chargers, total electrical load and profile, and recommendations for installation of the equipment based on both individual desires and electric supply infrastructure and capacity. VHB also provided policy briefs and recommendations related to relevant federal, state, and local policies and opportunities to participate in Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) markets. The Plan is part of Duke’s Climate Action Plan and commitment to a carbon-neutral institution, including reducing emissions by 78 percent by 2024.

The road leading into Duke University, with people walking on sidewalks and the campus in the background.


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