Cumberland Farms

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

With nearly 600 stores, Cumberland Farm retail stores provide on-the-go convenience throughout the Northeast and Florida. VHB provides site-related engineering, surveying, and design services for Cumberland Farms throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, working with the retailer and local communities to shape each site plan to meet the needs and criteria of local zoning and by-laws. For each proposed convenience store/gas station, VHB provides site feasibility studies, surveying, site and conceptual planning, stormwater management design, landscape design, civil engineering, permitting, and construction administration.

A modern Cumberland Farm store entrance with green and blue logo, stone façade, beige siding, and white pillars.


  • EG America


  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Feasibility Study/Due Diligence

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Land Survey

  • Site Planning; Permitting: federal, state, local

  • Stormwater Design & Engineering