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How can I communicate this data in a more user friendly way? Am I using the right tools and resources to provide the best results? Is there a way to do this better or faster for my client? We are always looking for ways to provide clients with better service and smarter solutions that can save them time and money and help to move their projects forward. Thinking about new ways to use technology allows us to find creative solutions that enhance our clients’ experience working with us, as well as the products we deliver. We foster a culture of innovation, where our professionals understand the challenges clients face and know how to use technology effectively to get better results. 


Application Development

Our IT services team includes project managers, business analysts, data architects, system designers, and developers proficient in a number of application development techniques based on the size, complexity, and duration of a project. We manage traditional Waterfall methods for larger complex enterprise deployments and modern Agile methods for more refined and resource limited situations. In all cases, our team works to elicit and document software, hardware, data, administrative, accessibility, and system requirements using a comprehensive array of prototyping and modelling tools and techniques. We have the experience and robust development, deployment, and hosting environments, to translate these requirements into modern system designs ranging from simple desktop applications to complex data-driven cloud-based enterprise solutions. ​

Mobile Application Development | Workflow/Process Automation​ | System Integration​​​

GIS/Ge​ospati​al Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is standard when it comes to technology solutions. Like every other information system, a GIS is an organized collection of data, processes, and procedures that help people make better decisions. In a GIS, the data have one characteristic that makes them unique—their location is an important part of what they are. As specialists in applying the science of GIS across a broad scope of industries and disciplines, VHB’s consultants offer advice to both public and private clients. We support clients at all stages of implementing a GIS, from early start-up mode to those that have more mature implementations of the technology, but need aspects of their systems refined or improved. Our team has extensive experience performing business analysis, defining requirements and developing applications using the most appropriate tools including .net, SQL Server, Java script, HTML and HTML5, XML, Flash and Flex, and CSS leveraging both ArcGIS Server​ and ArcGIS Online

Cartography/Mapping | Analysis | Asset Management | Planning | Data Collection

Do you want to effectively convey a proposed design to your stakeholders? VHB can help. Leveraging various modeling tools such as Autodesk InfraWorks® 360, 3ds Max®, Trimble SketchUp Pro, and others, we are able to create an interactive digital model of your proposed project to tell a visually compelling story about your project.​
​​​​​​​3D/4D Modeling | Photo Simulation | Video ​​



Strategic Technology Partnerships​​


Steve Anderson​, GISP, Director of Geospatial and Innovative Solutions,​ is available to help you with any of your geospatial and in​novative technologies questions.​​ | 860.​807.4350

Connect with Larry Spraker, Applied Technology Manager​, to find out how we can help you with all of your GIS needs in the Northeast region. | 518.389.3636​

Dale Abbott, GISP, Applied Technology Manager​, is available to help  with all of your GIS needs in New England. | 603.391.3964



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