Center for Life Science: Multi-Tenant Research Space

Original client: Lyme Properties 
Current client: Biomed Realty Trust  ​
Boston, MA

​Imagine you wanted to build the first private, multi-tenant biomedical research center on a ridiculously tight site that required substantial infrastructure improvements and access to the neighbors’ property. Now, imagine if those neighbors were Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Merck Research Laboratories, and Harvard Medical School. Who do you turn to? The chief collaborators - Mark Junghans, VHB Principal, specializing in urban design and permitting, and Howard Moshier, the senior project manager, with a rich legacy of academic and medical center projects. Here, Mark drove the design process and negotiated access agreements such as moving utilities and building a road through neighbors’ property. While, Howard guaranteed technical excellence. Harnessing the power of collaboration. 




​Site/Civil Engineering 

Transportation Planning and Engineering

Roadway Design

Technical Permitting




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