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Enhancing the beauty and experience of spaces across the Southeast.

Outdoor rooms that create a vibrant, livable area in a multifamily, mixed-use revitalization project. A spacious urban park that honors a community’s heritage with a dazzling luminary light show. A healthcare campus where rooms are oriented to frame views of native landscapes with places of respite for patients, families, doctors, and nurses. VHB’s Southeast Landscape Design Team has worked on some of Florida’s most prominent healthcare, hospitality, urban design, and redevelopment projects.

We delight in elevating landscapes to be more sustainable and creating places where people can meet, relax, heal, and learn. On any given day, we are helping clients and community leaders rethink density, respond to climate change, plan for infrastructure investments, and conserve natural resources in a way that responds to the built and natural environments. Our integrated approach allows innovation to happen.

A multi-story new hospital with tropical trees at the entrance Rendering of a two story modern building with a colorful mural A classroom building with native grasses and trees planted in front
A tiki bar surrounded by a water feature and outdoor patio dining A pool and clubhouse with apartments surrounding it
A modern urban park at night with a sculpture that spells Orlando A paved street with flowering plants and sidewalk bordering it


How Can VHB Help

VHB landscape projects are tested and supported by interdisciplinary teams, involving creative professionals in all design and construction phases, including site planning and conceptualization, design development, civil engineering, and transportation planning and engineering. This integrated approach yields the best design solutions and provides the necessary checks and balances for sustainability, constructability, and cost-effectiveness.

Connect with our Southeast Landscape Design Team

Roberta Fennessy with long brown hair and a dark shirt

Roberta Fennessy, AIA, AICP

Southeast Region Planning & Design Service Lead

Ivy Clinton, PLA, ASLA

Ivy Clinton, PLA, ASLA

Gulf Coast Design Studio Lead

Greg Alban wears a blue collared shirt

Greg Alban

Orlando Design Studio Lead

Shawn Tofte with a purple shirt and striped tie

Shawn Tofte, PLA, ASLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Ryan Tury with a brown shirt and short brown hair

Ryan Tury, PLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Ivy Clinton stands with a tablet beside a man outside a hospital

Our goal is not to impose a solution upon a landscape, but rather integrate a solution into the valuable characteristics of a site. Through elements of sight, sound, and smell, we enhance the beauty and atmosphere of projects, while developing context-driven solutions for the Southeast that address important issues like population growth and climate events.

—Ivy Clinton, PLA, ASLA, Gulf Coast Design Studio Lead

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